PAX Prime 2010 – Movin’ on Up: How to Make It (Or Not) in Videogames Journalism

Do you run a videogame website and not getting enough PR love? Do you write about videogames and looking to go pro? Are you looking to get into videogame journalism? We’ll drop knowledge on how to get your site or writing noticed by the right people, how to run into the “right” people, and how to just get started in the first place — all straight from PR folks, veteran, and panelists who have gone virtual unknowns to writing for some of the biggest sites or publications out there. We’ll also dedicate a good amount of time to answer to your questions, so come prepared!

Panelists: Chris Kohler [Editorial Director, Twitter], John Ricciardi [Co-Founder 8-4, Twitter], Arne Meyer [Director of Communications, Website], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter]

Source: Alan McCloskey

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