PAX Prime 2010 – In(die)credible! The Best New Games You Haven’t Played

Curious about the Indie Games community? Wondering which upcoming titles have developers talking? Looking for something different? Then go play “Don’t Shit Your Pants”! Or better yet, come to our talk! Our mile-a-minute panel will highlight the new, the innovative and the exciting; games that inspired our work, recent releases we can’t stop playing, and upcoming projects we’re dying to get our hands on. From elegant experiences to mind-bending mechanics to hilarious premises, we’ll showcase some of the best and brightest games that Indie Games has to offer in 2010… and beyond!

Editor’s Note: Full list and additional information can be found here.

Panelists: Eitan Glinert [President, Moby Games], Robin Hunicke [Co-Founder/CEO, Twitter], Nathan Vella [Executive Leadership, Twitter], Dylan Fitterer [Indie Game Developer, Twitter], Andy Schatz [Founder, Twitter]

Source: TheMediaCows

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