PAX Prime 2010 – Idle Thumbs Podcast Live Episode

Join the hosts of the Idle Thumbs podcast for a live reunion episode. Not content speaking to you solely through your computer, we’ve decided go to the extra mile — to cast an actual pod into your actual face, before your very eyes! Video games. Panelists include: Chris Remo (Gamasutra), Jake Rodkin (Telltale Games), Nick Breckon (Bethesda), and possible guests. There will be a song this week.

Panelists: Sean Vanaman [Developer, Website], Steve Gaynor [Designer, Website], Chris Remo [Designer, Twitter], Jake Rodkin [Designer, Twitter], Nick Breckon [Designer, Twitter]

Source: Idle Thumbs

Idle Thumbs Live at PAX Prime 2010 – Burnin' Down the Wolfman from Idle Thumbs on Vimeo.

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