PAX Prime 2010 – Game Masters vs. Rules Lawyers

Are you tired of getting swept up in the epic conflicts of ego that have cast their gloomy pall over RPG tables for decades? These power struggles are exhausting and disruptive, whether you’re an easy-going player, munchkin, game master, or rules lawyer yourself. Corvus Elrod, Indie Game Designer and RPG storyteller of 20+ years, discusses the left/right brain conflicts that feed RPG angst. He’ll then outline strategies–including tips on open-world gaming and the sharing of story control–that will help you put the focus back where it belongs–telling stories together.

Moderator: Corvus Elrod [STE(A)M Educator, Profile]

Panelists: Mike Fehlauer [Business Development, Twitter], Mike Krahulik [Artist, Twitter], James Wyatt [Senior Narrative Designer, Website] , Chris Perkins [Professional DM, Twitter], Greg Wilson [Profesional DM, Website]

Source: Aaron

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