PAX Prime 2010 – G4’s Feedback Live!

Did you know? In its first iteration, G4’s weekly webshow Feedback was dedicated to analysis of the Asian financial markets. Viewer suggestions led to us tweaking the format, and it became Adam Sessler’s Adults-Only Poetry Slam. Ratings improved slightly, but the show really took off when we started talking about video games. Come see Adam Sessler, Abbie Heppe, Kevin Kelly, and the rest of the G4 All-Stars on Feedback Live! Who knows? You might be there when we change the format to a Saturday afternoon dance party.

Panelists: Robert Juster [Digital Strategist, Twitter], Matt Keil [TV & Digial Producer, SIFTD Media], Abbie Heppe [Live Product Lead, Twitter], Adam Sessler [Actor, Twitter], Kevin Kelly [Managing Editor, Wizard World], Jon St. John [Voice Actor, Website]

Source: GBTestArchive

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