PAX Prime 2010 – From CG to Reality

From CG to Reality One costume designer is taking characters from your favorite games and making real, wearable, animatronic versions of them because she can. Come see how animatronic costumes are made, worn, and how taking a sculpt from Z-brush into reality sucks. A lot. Have you ever wondered how movie costumes are made, how to make space armor, or how a Krogan from Mass Effect 2 would look standing in front of you? Join Holly Conrad, a costume designer who made tiny clothes for Robot Chicken, as well as worked for leading animatronics company Garner Holt Productions, in a romp through making what normally never leaves the screen into functional, wearable creatures for scaring babies.

Panelists: Steph [General Craftperson], Jessica Merizan [Customer Activation Director, Twitter], Holly Conrad [Designer, Website], Alex [Voice Actor, Cosplayer]

Source: TheMediaCows

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