PAX Prime 2010 – City of Heroes Going Rogue™ … and Beyond!

City of Heroes Going Rogue™ is this summer’s biggest super-powered MMO expansion, and the Paragon Studios® development team wants to tell you all about what it was like to once again redefine the on-line gaming experience.

The Going Rogue expansion adds the brand-new world of Praetoria, four fantastic power sets, dynamic missions and the innovative Going Rogue alignment system. By going on a unique moral journey, players can finally choose to customize the most important part of their Hero or Villain’s on-line experience – their destiny.

The Development Team from Paragon Studios® will share with the audience some of the challenges in revolutionizing the MMO marketplace. Hear about the innovations that Going Rogue introduces, find out about the unique challenges the team faced, and be the first to discover the secrets that lie in the future of City of Heroes.

Panelists include: Melissa “War Witch” Bianco [Design Lead, Website], Matt “Positron” Miller [Lead Systems Designer, Twitter], Ray Soto [Emerging Tech Director, USA Today Network], Nate Birkholz [Mobile Engineer, Twitter]

Source: BoredByStudio

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