PAX Prime 2010 – ChatterBox TreasureBox

Can you name all the bosses in the original Mega Man? Do you know what Ocarina song we just played? If you’re a trivia know-it-all or want to be one, this is the event you’d be ashamed to miss.

Once referred to as “the best kept secret of PAX”, the ChatterBox crew is teaming up with to bring back their gaming guru trivia show and all the prizes that go with it. Challenge yourself to learn what you never thought you needed to know about gaming history and bring home a reward for answering that totally easy question no one else in the audience could get.

Hosted by Alon Waisman, Producer of the ChatterBox Video Game Radio show Starring: The audience, three contestants, and those charming fellows from

Host: Alon Waisman [Senior Salesforce Developer, Youtube]

Source: Alon Waisman

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