PAX Prime 2010 – Bungie! Halo: Reach Panel

At PAX 2010, Bungie holds an hour-long panel in which they divulge behind-the-scenes info on the creation and development of Halo: Reach. What does a campaign mission look like on Day 1 of development? Who are the voices behind Noble Team? And what was cut from the game? If you weren’t at PAX to witness the panel firsthand, Halo Waypoint’s got you covered. Right here.

Moderator: Brian “SketchFactor” Jarrard [Community Director, Moby Games]

Panelists: Joseph Tung [Executive producer, Moby Games], Marcus Lehto [President, Twitter], Chris Carney [Mission Design Lead, Moby Games], Marty O’Donell [Audio Director, Website], Lee Wilson [Story and Cinematics Lead, Moby Games], Niles Sankey [Interactive Experience Designer, Website], Sage Merrill [Gameplay Design Director, Moby Games], Lars Bakken [Senior Design Lead, Twitter]

Source: Halo

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