PAX Prime 2010 – Acquisitions Incorporated: D&D Live!

Gabe, Tycho, and Scott Kurtz begin an adventure with one goal, find a way to bring back Wil Wheaton’s deceased character, Aeofel. This is unscripted Dungeons & Dragons before a live studio audience… and through the magic of TECHNOLOGY, the audience influences the game! Bring your cell phone and guide Jim Darkmagic, Binwin Bronzebottom, and Omin Dran to riches or ruin.

Dungeon Master: Chris Perkins [Professional DM, Twitter]

Panelists include: Scott Kurtz [Cartoonist, Website], Wil Wheton [Actor, Website], Jerry Holkins [Writer, Twitter], Mike Krahulik [Artist, Twitter]

Source: BlackfootFerret

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