PAX Prime 2010 – A Sophisticated Evening with Rooster Teeth Productions

Brace yourself for awesomeness as the Rooster Teeth crew provides you with an hour’s worth of mind-boggling epicness of immense proportions. Be the first to see the final two episodes of Red vs. Blue: Revelation and have your face melted off.

This rousing panel will also include videos from other Rooster Teeth projects and more surprises so incredible that they are currently being guarded by attack dogs. Big f@$#ing attack dogs. If you miss this panel, you miss the opportunity to feel superior to your friends. Be there. Cake* will also be provided.

*There will be no cake.

Panelists: Gustavo Sorola [Co-Founder, Twitter], Matt Hullum [Director, Twitter], Monty Oum [Director of Animation, Twitter], Burnie Burns [Website], Geoff Ramsey [Co-Founder, Twitter], Joel Heyman [Actor/Producer/Director, Twitter]

Source: Unofficial PAX DVD

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