PAX Prime 2010 – 8-Bit Soundwaves: A Look into the World of Chiptune Music

The chiptune phenomenon has exploded throughout the gamer scene! Chiptune (or 8-Bit) music has been rising in popularity since it first took shape in video games and computer programs of decades past. But chiptune isn’t just background music! More and more artists today are creating intricate and original musical compositions using retro gaming consoles as instruments. Find out where the method came from, where it’s going, and how artists such as Anamanaguchi, KGHB, and Fighter X are utilizing it to create unique 8-bit hits. Presented by

Panelists: Celene “Leeni” Ramadan [Musician, Bandcamp], Jack “Fighter X” Waterman [Musician, Bandcamp], Aaron “DJ Tight Pants” Campion [Co-Owner/Musician, Bandcamp], Peter Berkman [Musician, Anamanaguchi], Gabe “Gary the Pink” Hayward [Co-Owner/Musician, Bandcamp], Chris “Infradead” Lehfeldt [Musician, Bandcamp]

Source: Unofficial PAX DVD

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