PAX Prime 2010 – 1UP’s Retronauts: Holy Crap, the NES is 25 Years Old

Can you believe that Nintendo’s NES console is twenty-freaking-five years old this fall? Do you feel old yet? Well, you certainly will if you come to this panel and listen to a bunch of old people reminisce about the console’s history (and about their back pains and bunions). Jeremy Parish, Frank Cifaldi, Chris Kohler, and Nich Maragos will lead you on a guided tour of classic 8-bit gaming, alleged monopolism, and your own looming sense of mortality.

Panelists: Nich Maragos [Localization Editor, Moby Games], Chris Kohler [Editorial Director, Twitter], Frank Cifaldi [Writer, Twitter], Jeremy Parish [Media Curator, Twitter]

Source: Internet Archive

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