PAX East 2016 – The Mario Maker World Championships: Klepek vs. Ryckert

For months, Patrick Klepek has valiantly struggled to defend the world against the nefarious Mario Maker stages created by Dan “Dirt” Ryckert. The Ryckoning? Defeated. The Klepocalypse? Destroyed. But The Armageddan? Patrick couldn’t beat that one, and lost his facial hair because of it. Now, Patrick wants his revenge. Live at PAX East, Dan and Patrick will face off in a series of never-before-seen Mario Maker stages created by a series of surprise guests. Whoever wins, Mario dies.

Competitors: Patrick Klepek [Senior Reporter, Twitter] vs. Dan Ryckert [Podcaster, Twitter]

Source: Giant Bomb Unarchived

Source: Patrick Klepek

Player Commentary:

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