PAX East 2016 – Riot Presents: The League Community Creator Showcase!

League’s community creators continually inspire us with their passion and drive. It’s time to give them the spotlight!

Join Riot, a Blood Moon Kalista, a life-sized Anivia, and a 12-ft Thresh—and catch amazing performances by Nicki Taylor and TJ Brown! Hosted by All Chat’s Xell and fan-favorite YouTuber Sp4zie, the League Community Creator Showcase explores the creative work behind rad cosplay, killer community art, music, and more.

But seriously. 12-ft Thresh.

Hosts: Jinhong “Xell” Kim [Event Producer, Twitter], Jonis “Sp4zie” Ring [Content Creator, YouTube], Shannon (Berke) McSheehan [Senior VFX Lead R&D, Riot Games], Sam “Rolls Lite” Leichtamer [Communications Manager, Twitter]

Guests: Nicki Taylor [Streamer, Twitter], TJ Brown [Musician, Twitter], Chamille “Rin the Yordel” Zadorojny-Miles [Freelance Artist, Website], Albert Chang [Streamer, Twitter]

Cosplayers: Nadya “Nadyasonika” Anton [Cosplayer and Industrial Designer and Model, Wesbite], Jen and Danny “PuppiChu” [Fan Artist and Cosplayer, Website], Michelle “Missyeru” D’Antonio [Influencer, Twitter], Camille Fleming [Owner, Twitter], Vensy March [Owner, Website], Kadim “KaduOut” Muni [Cosplayer, Twitter], Ben Bayouth [Writer, Website], Brett Horn [Cosplayer, Facebook]

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