PAX East 2016 – Jackbox at PAX …Box

Do you like Quiplash? Of course you do!

Do you like Jerry Holkins, Kris Straub, Nika Harper, Jeff Gerstmann, and Paul & Storm? Of course you do!

Well you should check out this panel and watch these awesome people play this awesome game. If you are unfamiliar, it’s just gonna be a bunch of hilarious people making snarky responses to questions while you vote on a winner live from your phone.

Moderator: Arnie Niekamp [Writer/Director, Twitter]

Panelists: Kris Straub [Cartoonist, Website], Jerry Holkins [Writer, Twitter], Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo [Musician, Website], Paul Sabourin [Musician, Website], Nika “Nikosaur” Harper [Writer, Website], Jeff Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter]

Source: Giant Bomb Unarchived

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