PAX East 2016 – As Seen on Twitch, So You Want To Be a Livestreamer?

With the recent popularity spike of online streaming, many gamers have dreamed about playing their favorite games in front of hundreds of raving fans. However, despite the XB1 & PS4’s native apps, many quickly figured out that the audience takes time to build. Join hosts ZFarls & SGibs to learn the keys to growing your channels, audience, and confidence! They will also take live questions and explain why a great stream isn’t just about you or the games you play.

Moderator: Joseph “ZFarls” Zach Farley [Senior Communications Manager, Twitter]

Panelists: T.J. “ThatSportsGamer” Lauerman [Head of Community, Website], “JayOh30” [Streamer, Twitter], Steve “SGibs” Gibbons [Co-Founder, Website]

Source: ThatSportsGamer

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