PAX East 2015 – Polaris Presents: The Cube

Come join the members of the Cube SMP as they answer some of your burning questions about their Minecraft server and their YouTube careers! Learn about the lives of some of YOUR favorite Minecraft YouTubers and some secrets of what is to come in the future!

Panelists: Zachary “Graser10” Graser [Streamer, Website], Bianca “Bee” [Streamer, Twitter], Parker Andrew “ParkerGames” Coppins [Host, Twitter], Mitchell “Mitchy” Straub [Streamer, Twitter], Brayden Wheeler [YouTuber, Twitter], Mark “Dfield” [Streamer, Twitter], Sean “Grapeapplesauce” [YouTuber, Twitter], Liam “HBomb94” Heneghan [Streamer, Twitter]

Source: Grapeapplesauce & HBomb94

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