PAX East 2015 – Minecraft Modding with Forgecraft and FTB

Minecraft has one of the Largest modding communities available in gaming today.  There are thousands of mods, from the small to the large, that drastically alter the game.  On this panel will be several prominent figures in the modding community, including:  Slowpoke, owner of the FTB Launcher.  Pahimar, owner of the Forgecraft Testing server. Direwolf20 whose Youtube channel is dedicated to modding.  Lex Manos, author of the Forge Modding API.  Soaryn and WayOfTime will also be attending!

Moderator: Erin “Aureylian” Wayne [Director of Community & Creator Marketing, Twitter]

Panelists: Lex Manos [Developer, Website], Michael “Direwolf20” [Streamer, Twitter], “Slowpoke101” [Owner, Twitter], “Soaryn” [Twitch Partner, Twitter], “mcspotlights aka Wayoftime” [Developer, Twitter], Rob “Pahimar” Davis [Software Engineer, Twitter]

Source: AshZification

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