PAX East 2015 – Isometric Podcast Live! (Epsiode 45: I Didn’t Think Our Show Could Get Any Dumber)

Panel Description: Join Brianna Wu, Maddy Myers, Georgia Dow, and Steve Lubitz for a live recording of gaming’s hottest new podcast, Isometric! Join us for an hour of laughs, Q&A, and possible destruction of furniture. If you’re lucky, we even might get around to talking about video games at some point!

Podcast Description: It’s our long awaited live show at PAX East 2015! There were mustaches, stuffed animal attacks, laundry tips, Samus cosplay, and at least one injury. (And we tried to talk about video games for at least five minutes or so. Emphasis on tried.)

Hosts: Maddy Myers [Senior Games Editor, Website], Steve Lubitz [Podcaster, Website], Georgia Dow [Psychotherapist, Twitter], Brianna Wu [Executive Director, Twitter]

Source: Isometric

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