PAX East 2014 – Wordscapin’: How the Hell Do You Balance a Word Game?

If a weapon is too powerful you bring down its damage. If a character class is too powerful you nerf some abilities. But how do you balance a game that is strictly words? Our panelists talk about their experiences balancing tabletop card game hit These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs, Gamebook adventure series Strange Loves and comedic arguing game Let’s Quip. Watch as the panelists get into the semantics of words and their perceived power.

Moderator: Sean Baptiste [Senior PR and Streaming Manager, Moby Games]

Panelists: Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows [Copy Manager, Twitter], Sharat Bhat [Senior Programmer, Moby Games], Brad O’Farrell [Web Stack Developer, Website], Shawn Pierre [Developer, Website], Steve “Razio” Bailey [Game Designer, Twitter], Max Temkin [Former Co-Founder]

Source: Raizo

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