PAX East 2014 – What You Can Do to End Bile and Hatred in Games Culture

People from every race, religion, gender and sexuality play games. It is in many ways the most universal pastime of human culture, other than eating and sleeping. Why, then, has the culture surrounding video games in particular become so vitriolic? Why is such a beautiful medium marred by hatred? We’ll investigate the possible source of the bile in this panel, but more importantly we’ll talk about how to limit it in your own experiences. It’s not possible to just put your head in the sand and “don’t read the comments” anymore. We can change the discussion. We can do our part to limit anger, resentment, racism, homo- and transphobia, as well as sexism in gaming culture. Here’s how.

Moderator: Greg Tito [Communications/Public Relations, Twitter]

Panelists: Evan Narcisse [Narrative Designer, Twitter], Andrew Yoon [Editor and Chief, Memoriam] Andrea Rene [Talent and Producer, Website], Andre Meadows [Comedian, Twitter], Bob “Moviebob” Chipman [Video Producer, Website]

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