PAX East 2014 – What to do with your Game Design Degree: Employment at Social/Mobile/Indie studios

Top academics and social/mobile/indie developers will reflect on the virtues and difficulties of preparing students to work at studios with shorter iteration cycles than AAA studios.  As the Industry evolves, so does Academia to offer educational programs specific to diverse needs of various subsets of the game development industry.  Many young professionals compete in an industry where many colleges are flooding the market with “Game Design Degrees”. 

This panel will focus on those aiming for employment at smaller studios or peripheral industries that support game development.  Specifically, the panel will focus on these areas:  How can you stand out from a crowd? What should you have learned in school and what changed since you graduated from even a year ago? When is a Game Design degree worth something to a Social/Mobile/Indie development studio? Or perhaps you already have a degree how can you make it work for you?  This session is all about standing out, Do’s and Don’ts beyond basic resume and portfolio tips.

Moderator: Elliot Mitchell [Co-Founder, Twitter]

Panelists: Dave Bisceglia [Vice President, Twitter], Trevor Stricker [VP of Technology, Moby Games], Ichiro Lambe [Game Designer, Website], Mark Sivak [Academic Specialist, Creative Industries Program, Northeastern University], Dr. Paul Cotnoir [Associate Dean, Becker College Game Design Program], Benjamin Cavallari [CEO, Fintech], Farley Chery [Associate Teaching Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Pluralsight]

Source: GramboFirstBlood

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