PAX East 2014 – Veterans in Gaming: Effective Philanthropy From Individuals to Industry

What sparks the desire to give in virtual communities?  How do you effectively manage the charity efforts of a virtual volunteer organization?  How do you avoid saturation and fundraising fatigue in your members?  What impact do successful philanthropy efforts have on gaming communities and industry over time?  Please join industry, charity, and community leaders Kim Miller from Play To Give Back, James Armstrong from SUN, Brent Russell from Black Widow Company, and Steve Machuga from Operation Supply Drop as they explore the delicate balances required to effectively support causes and efforts that matter through the joy and love of gaming.

Moderator: Miki Rei Bell [US Navy Veteran]

Panelists: James Armstrong [Philanthropy Director], Steven Machuga [US Army Veteran], Brent Russell [US Army Veteran], Kimberly Miller [Managing Director]

Source: Black Widow Company Broadcasting

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