PAX East 2014 – The Sports Video Game Crisis (Press Row Podcast Episode 80)

Panel Description: Even as the quality of many sports video games has peaked, one fact is undeniable – today, there are far fewer options available to play. Fans used to have several baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer choices each year. Nowadays, they’re lucky to even have one per sport! Join the panelists of the popular Press Row Podcast (featuring the sports game writers from Polygon, Joystiq, GamesRadar, US Gamer, and ThatSportsGamer) as they debate whether it is the beginning of the end for big-time sports games or the start of a transformation to an entirely different model.

Podcast Description: In the 80th episode of the Press Row Podcast, we feature our Press Row Podcast PAX East 2014 panel in its entirety. Titled “The Crisis in Sports Games”, the group takes a look at the state of sports games from the Consumer, Developer, and Publisher standpoint. Do game purchasers have enough choices? Do they get enough value from their games? Where are the arcade titles? Is too much asked of developers in too short of a time frame? Can publishers make enough money with expensive license and development costs? These questions and many more are posed and debated in front of a live audience.

Host: Richard Grisham [Podcaster, Website]

Panelists: Samit Sarkar [Deputy Managing Editor, Twitter], T.J. Lauerman [Podcaster, Website], Kat Bailey [Senior Editor, Website], Owen Good [Reporter, Twitter]

Source: Press Row Podcast

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