PAX East 2014 – The Mythology In and Of Games: Why the Legend of Zelda is just as important as the Legend of Beowulf

Mythology at large is the very essence and timeless story of humanity. The advent of the modern video game has undoubtedly reinvigorated the phenomenon of the myth, granting new life and form to well-known legends of old as well as enabling the interactive telling of new digital myths. In this panel, we will discuss how myths and legends live in the digital tapestry of games, discuss some well-known examples of how classical mythology has been reinterpreted as interactive digital games, and we even boldly and happily claim what gamers at large have intrinsically known all along—that games may very well be the future shape of myth in the digital age.

Slideshare copy of the presentation.

Panelists: Thomas May III [Researcher, Website], Christopher Michael Yap [Diploma Programme Coordinator, Website], Jon Padua [Website]

Source: Smartbad

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