PAX East 2014 – Teaching With Video Games – How Not to Screw it Up

Oftentimes schools take good ideas and inadvertently wreck them. Video games are being introduced into classrooms by people who don’t play them, resulting in missed potential. Edutainment and gamification may have a place, but they simply cannot tap the full range of experiences that video games foster. By utilizing well-designed commercial games, from production to play, learning can be promoted without sacrificing excitement or flexibility. In this panel we discuss recognizing the qualities in the entire video game industry that enhance learning.  We argue that games in schools are often misused and what kids need is a little less structure and more freedom to play.

Panelists: Lisa Castaneda [CEO, Profile], Tom Swanson [Strategic Communications & Operations, Profile], Adam Norige [Associate Group Leader, MIT Lincoln Laboratory], Pete Pellegrino [Lead Game Designer, Website]

Source: Justin Schober

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