PAX East 2014 – Mindcrack Group

Are you interested in what has allowed the Mindcrack group to come together as friends and create Let’s Plays for YouTube together? What steps have we taken as a group to facilitate the success that we have had from gaming? Join the Mindcrack creator as well as other Let’s Players from the group to talk in depth about what makes Mindcrack such a great group of friends and gamers!

Moderator: Wesley “Wes” Wilson [Multimedia Producer, Website]

Panelists: Jeff “Jsan019” [Firefighter, YouTube], Daniel “VintageBeef” [YouTuber, Twitter], Seth “Sethbling” [Designer, Twitter], Blame “BlameTheController (BTC)” [YouTuber, YouTube], Chris “Nebris88” [YouTube, Twitter], Tyler “Zisteau” [YouTuber, Twitter], Alex “PauseUnpause” [Youtuber, YouTube], Jason “Guude Boulderfist” [Founder, Twitter]

Source: Mindcrack

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