PAX East 2014 – Land My Job! Inside Advice on Getting into the Game Industry

Want to get your foot in the door at a gaming company? Join industry employees as they share experiences, stories, and advice about landing their jobs. Game careers aren’t all just programming and design – marketers,event coordinators, community managers, mixologists and many others make up the gaming industry. There are tons of career options, and even more ways to wind up in the industry, but one thing’s for sure: if you want to know what it takes then you don’t want to miss this panel!

Moderator: Amy White (Former Editor in Chief, Muck Rack)

Panelists: Andy Lunique [Senior Strategic Account Manager, Twitter], Wanwisa “Pang” Hartman [VP / Creative Director, Twitter], Michael Hartman [CEO, Twitter], Mitch Hutts [Web Developer, Twitter], Justin Korthof [Innovation Product Manager, Website], Matt “Canj” Cangialosi [Scrum Master, Github], Mike Gnade [Indie Game Publisher, BGG Profile], Alix Stolzer [President, Twitter], Dan Higgins [Principal Software Engineer and Lead, Microsoft], Richard Hoagland [CEO, RalphVR]

Source: weeklygamingrecap

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