PAX East 2014 – Inside Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software is back at PAX East!  This year’s panel is going to be a crazy one!  Come spend an hour with us and our special guests as we chat more about Borderlands and Homeworld!  Oh, and don’t forget about all the great surprises that we have for our community!  After the panel, make sure to head to the Queue Room for a meet and greet.  Start your Sunday morning off right and hang out with the Gearbox team – be sure to show up early!

Moderator: Andrew Goldfarb [Operations, Twitter]

Panelists: Mikey Neumann [Chief Creative Champion, Website], Randy Pitchford [President and Co-founder, Twitter], Matt Armstrong [CEO, Moby Games]

Guests: Steve Gibson [President, Moby Games], David Eddings [Actor, IMDB], Job Stauffer [Founder, Twitter], Joel Eschler [Production Director, Twitter]

Source: Down in Front Productions

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