PAX East 2014 – Demolish the Developers

PAX attendees like you have already beaten the pros during GameSpot panels, but do you think you have what it takes to beat developers at their own games? These folks don’t just know their way around the same maps that you do; they designed them. They don’t just memorize the same combos that you do; they programmed them. Demolish a developer and you’ll walk away with a prize. Get demolished by a developer and maybe you’ll get a sympathetic golf clap.

Host: Chris Watters [Communications Specialist, Twitter]

Developers: Jason Chayes [Blizzard Development Family, Moby Games], Jon “Slothy” Shiring [Co-Founder, Twitter], Abbie Heppe [Live Product Lead, Twitter], Justin Hendry [Studio Design Director, Moby Games], Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas [Senior Producer, Twitter]

Source: GameSpot

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