PAX East 2014 – 404ing It: Breaking (Down) the Internet

Too busy to keep up with all the things that make the Internet so awesome? 404ing It: Breaking (Down) The Internet is the show that does your homework for you. This monthly Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre comedy show features a panel of comedians that break down the best the Internet has to offer: Funny photos! Amazing videos! Memes! It’s everything you love about the Internet with none of the jerky YouTube comments. For one night only, host Pat Baer (UCB Theatre) brings the show to you at PAX East, for free, with guests Jeff Gerstmann (Giant Bomb), Eric Pope (Harmonix) and Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity).

Panelists: Jeff Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter], Eric Pope [Senior Community Developer, Twitter], Max Temkin [Former Co-Founder], Pat Baer [Streamer, Twitter]

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