PAX East 2013 – WildStar: Journey To Nexus

Join the Carbine Studios team aboard the Gambler’s Ruin as they dive into what makes WildStar different from any other MMOs you’ve played before. Learn more about the mysterious planet Nexus, see new reveals, ask questions of the developers, and maybe even get free stuff! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Plus, Curse will be introducing their tools and features to the community, and discussing future plans to support WildStar.

Moderator:  Troy “Aether” Hewitt [Community Director, MobyGames]

Panelists: Charley Lanusse [VP Engineering, MobyGames], Matt MaCarski [Creative/Art Director, Website], Jeremy Gaffney [CEO, Twitter], Chad “Pappy” Moore [Lead Narrative Designer, Website], Michael Donatelli [Product Director, MobyGames]

Source: GameSkinny

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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