PAX East 2013 – Video Games and Ethics: Challenges and Controversies

Video games are the ever-increasing focus for controversial issues such as bullying, misogyny, sexism, as well as depictions of sex and violence. However, as we all know, video games can be a positive tool to educate and change society; teaching players to think strategically, encouraging teamwork and creativity, and granting fans a chance to build a culture and community all their own.

In this panel, we ask (and try to answer): What ethical responsibilities, if any, do game developers have to society? Should developers be concerned with how gamers act in the increasingly prevalent social aspect of games? What part does the consumer play when faced with ethical dilemmas in the games they play?

Join Dr. Catherine Flick, a technology ethicist from De Montfort University, UK, and Paul LaCen, staff writer for DualShockers, in discussing and debating this issue. We will even discuss the microcosm of “ethical play” in competitive settings. Feel free to bring any gaming-related ethical dilemmas or issues you are interested in to add to the discussion!

Panelists: Dr. Catherine Flick [Reader in Computing and Social Responsibility, Website], Paul-Anthony LaCen [Project Manager, Twitter]

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PAX East 2013 – Video Games and Ethics from liedra on Vimeo.

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