PAX East 2013 – The Mass Effect Trilogy – A Retrospective

In 2004, BioWare set out not only to create a new science fiction universe, but also a new way for their fans to experience interactive storytelling across an entire trilogy of games. Nine years and three games later, the Mass Effect trilogy has ended. Relive some of the most memorable public and private moments in the creation of the trilogy with the development team, including Casey Hudson, Executive Producer and Project Director, Preston Watamaniuk, Lead Designer, Parrish Ley, Lead Cinematics Director, John Dombrow, Writer and Dusty Everman, Level Designer, in a panel moderated by SpikeTV’s Geoff Keighley.

Moderator: Geoff Keighley [Journalist, Website]

Panelists: Casey Hudson [Twitter], Preston Watamaniuk [Game Director, Moby Games], Parrish Ley [Creative Director, Website], John Dombrow [Senior Writer/Narrative Designer, Moby Games], Dusty Everman [Principal Narrative Designer, Twitter], Raphael Sbarge [Actor, Website]

Source: Mass Effect

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