PAX East 2013 – The Fighting Game Community: From A Niche Genre to a Worldwide Phenomenon

As the growth in competitive gaming and eSports rises, one community is primed and ready for the spotlight: the fighting game community.  Influenced largely by the success of games like Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the fighting game community has grown into a cottage industry with members planning and organizing their own events, content producers streaming live and on-demand footage and prominent members getting hired by major developers based on their accomplishments in the community.

Join community leaders for a discussion about the current state of the FGC and its major events and projects, as well as the what the future may hold for the growth of the community.

Host: Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez [Co-Founder Crosscountertv, Website]

Panelists: Alex Valle [CEO, Twitter], Alex Jebailey [Global FGC Director, Twitter], James “jchensor” Chen [FGC Commentator Twitter], Mark “Markman” Julio [Business Developer for EVO, Twitter], Victor “Sp00ky” Fontanez [Tourney organizer, Website]

Source: Cross Counter TV

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