PAX East 2013 – Successful Kickstarters Tell You How They Did It

Crowdfunding a project with Kickstarter is the solution for game design teams that can’t get traditional funding.  Running a successful Kickstarter campaign requires more than just posting a good idea and hoping people notice.  This panel will talk about the aspects of successful Kickstarter projects including video production, crafting the message, leveraging social networks, and using tools like Google and Facebook to maximize the funding raised. Learn about how to model the budget of your Kickstarter to ensure that you can deliver the rewards you promise and still hit your funding objectives.  You’ll also learn important things NOT to do – mistakes that could seriously harm your project and your reputation.

Panelists: Max Bogue [CEO, Website], Luke Peterschmidt [CEO, Fun to 11], Ryan Dancey [CEO, Goblinworks]

Source: DeciusBrutu5

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