PAX East 2013 – Streetpass Network: Bridging Gamers Within the Community!

Want to get more StreetPass tags and learn how to maximize the amount of tags in your community?  Then join the StreetPass panel as we show you how StreetPass groups are forming in places near you.  We will look at Princeton, Long Island, San Diego, and more!!!  Also learn from one of the developers at Island Officials how StreetPass can be used to enhance a game’s experience.  Prizes and video game art will be given away so don’t miss this awesome panel!

Moderator: Nicholas Oehlberg [Co-founder, Facebook]

Panelists: Ryan Morrison [Adjunct Professor, Website], Debbie Gluzband [Freelance Multimedia Designer, Website], Robert Oehlberg [Co-founder, Facebook], Isaiah TriForce Johnson [CEO and Founder, Twitter]

Source: StreetPassLongIsland

Source: The Gaming Otter

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