PAX East 2013 – Sports Gaming in the Next Generation (Press Row Podcast Episode 17)

Panel Description: Featuring the sports gaming writers from Polygon, Joystiq, GamesRadar, and Operation Sports, along with two developers with a long history of success in the sports game genre, the panel discusses the threats and opportunities sports fans face with the upcoming generation of consoles and tablets.

Podcast Description: It’s Episode 17 of the Press Row Podcast – our 2013 PAX East panel! Featuring host Rich Grisham along with Polygon’s Samit Sarkar, Joystiq’s Mike Suszek, Iron Galaxy’s Kraig Kujawa, and Frontier Developments/Player One Podcast’s Greg Sewart, the panel covers the issues, challenges, and opportunities that face consumers, developers, and publishers as sports games move into the next generation.

Host: Richard Grisham [Podcaster, Website]

Panelists: Samit Sarkar [Deputy Managing Editor, Twitter], Mike Suszek [Digital Content Expert, Website], Kraig “kranged” Kujawa [Head of Production, Twitter], Greg Sewart [Podcaster, Twitter]

Source: Press Row Podcast

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