PAX East 2013 – Mastering Game Mechanics

Despite the staggeringly vast variety of games out there in the world, they draw primarily from a core set of basic mechanics. Many games which at first seem very different share fundamental design patterns, sub-games, and strategies. What is a “draft,” and more importantly, what is its true function? Where to rondels come into play? What is the purpose of an arbitrary decision? What does “skill based movement” mean for a game? Are all auctions created equally?

Whether you are a player, maker, or even simply observer of games, understanding these core components will provide a surprising degree of insight into their nature. Join us in our 21st PAX panel to explore the nature, lexicon, design, and strategy of game mechanics, drawing from video games, board games, even role playing games and sports.

Panelists: Brandon “Rym” DeCoster [Podcaster, Geeknights], Scott “Apreche” Rubin [Podcaster, Geeknights]

Source: GeeknightsRym

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