PAX East 2013 – Magic: The Gathering Panel

GUILDS OF RAVNICA! The dragon Niv-Mizzet has come to a decision. The Izzet will include you in their Grand Project. He invites you to choose a champion to traverse the Dragon’s Maze. Do you have what it takes to be the champion for your guild at the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease in just a few short weeks? Come by the Magic: The Gathering panel to get a glimpse at the next act in the Return to Ravnica block, get the inside track on the Prerelease, and talk to some of the key R&D and Program leaders from Wizards of the Coast.

Panelists: Brady Dommermith [Creative Designer/Producer, Profile], Adam Colby [Marketing Manager], Dave Guskin [Senior Game Design Manager, Profile], Scott Larabee [Organized Play Territory Manager, Dossier]

Source: Magic: The Gathering

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