PAX East 2013 – I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours – Game Devs Show Off Their First Games!

A group of pros show off the first games they ever developed for the first time, again. That’s right! These brave souls will drop their trousers (not really) and give live demos of the games that got them started. They will tell tales of late nights, show off stupid mistakes, share lessons learned and answer questions about getting started in the industry. There will also be an exclusive viewing of video submissions from gaming legends: Jesse Schell, Will Wright, and more surprises! Panelists will be hilarious, informative, and fully clothed. We promise. 😉

Moderator: Cardell Kerr [Executive Producer, Moby Games]

Panelists: Dave Bisceglia [Vice President, Twitter], Seth Sivak [Co-Founder & CEO, Website], Ichiro Lambe [Game Designer, Website], Alex Schwartz [Co-Founder, Website]

Source: 1stGameEver

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