PAX East 2013 – House Rules: Taking Games One Step Further

Professional game developers may spend thousands of man-hours testing their rules, but odds are they’ve never played with you and your friends. At your table or on your server, house rules can give a game new life or at least keep the social dynamic from spiraling out of control. Join pen & paper RPG developers Art Frederick and Joe Hills, Feed the Beast Minecraft modpack founder Slowpoke, and Youtube’s Guude Boulderfist, the creator of the popular Minecraft server Mindcrack, as they chat about their favorite house rules and recommendations to help you write your own!

Panelists: Joe Hills [Developer, Twitter], Art Frederick [Developer, Twitter], Jason “Guude Boulderfist” [Founder, Twitter], Kevin “Slowpoke” Moloney [Modder, Mod Page]

Source: GuudeBoulderfist

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