PAX East 2013 – Going Back To The Future – Calling All Mechwarriors, Tribes and Star Citizens

Free to Play games have cropped up in almost every genre of gaming these days, and that’s good news for newbies and old-timers who want to relive the glory of their youth with revived franchises like MechWarrior, Tribes (Todd Harris is now onboard as of this edit!) and Star Citizen! Go back to the future with the developers of these free to play titles, join the discussion and win sweet prizes!

Moderator: Ben Kuchera [Sr. Editor, PA Report]

Panelists: Todd Harris [Founder and CEO, Twitter], Chris Roberts [Game Designer, Website], Brian Buckton [Technical Designer, Moby Games], Russ Bullock [President, Twitter]

Source: Gamers Nexus

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