PAX East 2013 – From PAX East to Curry College: What’s Next for Video Gaming?

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Curry College hosted a panel discussion on the future of video gaming just days before Boston’s major PAX East video game conference in March of 2013. Topics included video games and violence, women in the video gaming industry, the trends for future game development, and the historical and cultural impact of gaming on society.

Panelists included:

Mr. Hal Halpin, President of the Entertainment Consumers Association, the industry trade group for video gaming, and Curry College alumnus from the Class of 1992.

Ms. Jen MacLean, former Chief Executive Officer of 38 Studios and an industry veteran of more than twenty years.

Dr. Rob MacDougall, Professor of Communication at Curry College and the coordinator of the Video Games Studies concentration in the Communication major.

Ms. Amy Kaufman, Artist at the Tap Lab in Cambridge, MA.

The moderator of the discussion was Jerry Gibbs, professor and chair of the Communication department.

PAX East, one of the major gaming conferences, will bring more than 70,000 participants to Boston the weekend after the panel discussion. It is one of the two largest conferences for video gaming in North America, according to the PAX East website.

Massachusetts is now home to more than 2000 industry jobs with a statewide payroll of more than $234 million, according to a survey published by MASSDigi.

Curry College launched two concentrations in the video gaming field this academic year: a Video Games Studies concentration in the Communication major and a Video Games Programming concentration in the Information Technology major.

Moderator: Jerry Gibbs [Professor of Communications, Profile]

Panelists: Rob MacDougall [Professor of Communications, Profile], Hal Halpin [President, Website], Jen MacLean [Head of Worldwide Business Development for Small and Mid-sized Gaming Studios, Twitter], Amy Kaufman [Artist, Website]

Source: CurryCollegeVideo

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