PAX East 2013 – Education Gamification

Do you take classes? Do you teach classes? Wouldn’t those classes be more exciting and engaging and memorable if they had some of the same alluring qualities of your favorite games? Concepts that have been mainstays of the gaming world for years, like leveling, achievements and non-linear progression, are just the beginning of exciting change in the world of education.

The gamification of education is going on right now and can be very effective, yet it is one of the most nascent and underdeveloped fronts in the world of gaming. Come to Education Gamification to see how these ideas are changing the way we learn, and to exchange best practices, ideas, and dreams on how gaming can make education more accessible to today’s students and teachers.

Panelists: Mike Lipson [Instructional Designer, Twitter], Jamie Doiron [Technology Education Teacher, South Windsor Public Schools], Seth Wolfman [Technical Consultant, Website]

Source: Jamie Lang

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