PAX East 2013 – Do JRPGs Really Still Matter?

From Final Fantasy to Chrono Trigger, Japanese role-playing games have played an integral role in many of our lives. But some say they’re obsolete. Stagnant. Even dead. It’s 2013: do JRPGs really still matter, or are fans just clinging to a stale genre that reminds them of their childhood? Join Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Destructoid’s Dale North, and Polygon’s Alexa Corriea and Phil Kollar for a conversation about the past, present, and future of Japanese RPGs.

Panelists: Adam Rippon [Programmer, Twitter], Dale North [Composer, Website], Jason Schreier [Reporter, Twitter],  Alexa Corriea [Narrative Designer, Twitter]

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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