PAX East 2013 – Community: The Most Important Bullet Point Not on the Box

League of Legends employs a neuroscientist and a psychologist to keep people playing nice, and a democratically elected player council helps guide EVE Online development. The community’s voice matters in game development, marketing, live services, game enhancements and more. Learn how user-generated content, eSports and community participation can make a great game a classic as community managers from premiere game companies including Capcom’s Brett Elston, Bethesda’s Matt Grandstaff, and Ubisoft’s Gabe Graziani join Raptr’s director of community Demian Linn. Moderated by Machinima editor-in-chief Rob Smith, panelists will discuss the importance of serving the community, player-focused design and reveal a peek at what the panelists have in store for fans this year.

Moderator:  Rob Smith [Editor in Chief, Facebook]

Panelists:  Matt Grandstaff [Community Lead, Twitter], Brett Elston [Content Communication Manager, Twitter], Gabe Graziani [Community Development Manager, Twitter], Sveinn Jóhannesson Kjarval [Internal Event Manager, Moby Games], Demian Linn [Writer, Twitter]

Source: Matt S

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