PAX East 2013 – After the Endgame: Indie Studios Founded by 38 Studios Alumni

Last year in Providence, 38 Studios suddenly closed its doors. Overnight, hundreds of game developers were without a job. Come meet some that took the opportunity to found their own game companies. Teams, solo developers, mobile games, board games, PC games: all are represented here. What was the most difficult part of getting started? What was it like to go from AAA budgets to a shoestring? How did they pay the bills? All this knowledge will be yours!

Panelists: Ben Cichoski [Co-Founder, BGG Profile], Rich Gallup [Co-Founder, Website], Róisín “Rose” Luddy [Founder, Twitter], Daniel Mandel [Co-Founder, BGG Profile], Joe Mirabello [Director, Twitter], Geraldo Perez [Manager, Twitter], Paul Siegel [Co-Founder, Dancing Sorcerer Games]

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