PAX East 2013 – ACAM – Classic Videogame Panel

Join Mike Stulir of The American Classic Arcade Museum as he discusses the birth of the video game industry, and the classic age of console and arcade video games.  Appearing with Mike Mike are legendary arcade game designers including the people behind arcade games such as “Super Missile Attack,” “Ms. Pac-Man,” “Food Fight,” “Quantum” & the “Cruis’n” series of driving games.  Console representation will include designers of the Atari 7800 hardware and Atari 2600 games such as “Kangaroo” & “Joust.”

Moderator: Mike Stulir [Vice President, American Classic Arcade Museum]

Panelists: Eric Pribyl [Programmer, Moby Games], Steve Golson [IC Design Consultant, Trilobyte Systems], Kevin Osborn [Moby Games], Jonathan Hurd [Partner, Altman Solon], Carlos Smith [Programmer], Tom Flaherty

Source: The American Classic Arcade Museum

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